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for JULY 11 & JULY 12, 2018

Eugene Springfield,Oregon.. ARTS JOURNAL “ 60 MIN. programs on local Comcast Cable 29 air every   Wed.@ 4PM  &  Thu.@ 9PM
 WED. JULY 11 & THU. JULY 12,2018 features: ARTS JOURNAL #509  REPLAY of Bach Festival 2011 LET’S TALK by guest conductor, Marin Alsop, with host, Fred Crafts.
    SCROLL DOWN ***for 28 titles of Short Videos ***  YOU TUBE  CHANNEL #1    http://www.youtube.com/HeddasArtworks/videos

SWAHILI AFRICAN MODERN Janelle McCoy OBF hosts ArtWalk talk.   June 2018
HALIE  LOREN & The Birthday Band pop jazz concert @ Art & the Vineyard  July 2016
CAROL MARINE  ArtWalk talk hosted by Mayor Kitty @ Karin Clarke gallery.  May 2016
STEVE  LA RICCIA  "Wells Time Machine" talk @ New Zone gallery  Dec. 2015
HALIE LOREN sings & plays keyboard @ “Art of Glass” reception  Jan.  2011
JAN ELIOT 'Stone Soup” cartoonist, ArtWalk @ Vistra Gallery Nov. 2014
NUDES @ The Watershed Gallery 2014 CD   Music by Mike Denny
SUSIE MORRILL Cuban Photos @ Dot Dotson's gallery Aug. 2014
        YOU TUBE  CHANNEL #2   http://www.youtube.com/artsjournal/videos
OUT ON A LIMB Janelle McCoy OBF hosts ArtWalk talk.   June 2018
TAIKO Drum Concert 1.5 min. clip @ downtown Eugene, OR library  April 2018
POST IT  art & ArtWalk @ Oregon Art Supply  June 2017
MARILYN KENT ArtWalk talk @ Wise Turtle Acupuncture  Springfield, OR  May 2017
OREGON ART SUPPLY 6"X6"   Nov. 2016 ArtWalk interviews & art
ROGENE MANAS  ArtWalk demo & talk with Paulina Romo as Host.. in English & Spanish
PATRICIA CARROLL handmade boxes covered in silk or linen @ Vistra gallery Nov. 2014
GAYLE MACY art & talk @ City Hall Springfield, OR April 2014
WATERSHED GALLERY print show with demo by Robert Canaga. Mar. 2014
NUDES @ MKAC Mar. 2014
SARAH SEDWICK artist The Gallery @ The Watershed thru: Feb. 8, 2014
JON JAY CRUSON Dec. 2013 ArtWalk interview & art @ White Lotus gallery.
JS BIRD Dec. 2013 ArtWalk interview @ Karin Clarke Gallery Annex.
MILLA OLIVEIRA Dec. 2013 ArtWalk interview @ Karin Clarke Gallery Annex.
ADAM GROSOWSKY art & reception @ Schrager & Clarke gallery Oct. Nov. 2013
ArtWalk @ MECCA Sept. 2013 interviews + recycled materials art @ Eugene Celebration.
WILLIAM KASPER ArtWalk interview & art + Hans' alley mural July 2013
MORRIS GRAVES remarks by Robert & Desiree Yarber @ White Lotus
MORRIS GRAVES # 2  "Selected Letters" interview with Lawrence Fong
& Vickie Halper @ White Lotus gallery
ADAM GROSHOWSKY @ Clarke Studio Gallery
HANS FUSON ArtWalk interview
FAYE NAKAMURA ceramics @ Art Annex
 CLICK  LINK to see 60 min.  Arts Journal  Replays on YouTube   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOvJV-0VeyCnh4125xuphIVz4X-ipUeNM   
Arts Journal” on Cable 29 & You Tube is sponsored by  http://www.fernridgepress.com/...featuring Books & Videos providing Solutions for Autism Spectrum Learning & Behavior Problems


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